Holy Witch Sylvia, in form of Fatima the Shadow Frost Witch, is fought once in chapter 7 during the party's search for the legendary "Memory of Stars".

Chapter 7: Memory of StarsEdit

Luminous Arc 3 Boss
LV 11 Element Dark
Class Shadow Frost Witch AO 10
HP 392 Move 4
MP 101 Jump 2
Attack 135 Defense 70
Magic 63 Res 55
Tech 169 Speed 122
Weapon Void Whip (Atk+80 Mag+80 MP+99)
Head Pearl Hairpin (Res+30 Def+5 MP+15)
Armor Luminous Coat (Def+33 Res+7 Mag+7)
Lapis Scintilla Charm (Block dark damage)

Automedic (Resist all ailment )

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