Synergy is a feature only in The first Luminous Arc. Synergy functions like a tandem Flash Drive attack between two or more Characters. In order to be able to utilize them, you need to unlock them after certain events in the story line. The first one being after Alph becomes a Rym Knight. Synergy attacks require that all characters have full Flash Gauges for the attack. Also the characters need to be within a certain range of each other to activate. Afterwards the targets must be within the Synergy's range. The attacks are usually a combo of each character's Lv. 3 Flash Drive aside from the Witches' Synergy and cause the respective side effects of their Flash Drives.

Synergy ListEdit

Characters Synergy Name
Alph & Lucia Shining Ray
Alph & Theo Rym's Impact
Leon & Nikolai Rival Strike
Kai & Heath Holy Knights
Saki & Cecille Lily Rondo
Mel & Cecille & Mavi & Lucia & Vivi & Vanessa & Claire Rainbow Array


  • Pollon is the only character not to have a Synergy with anyone.
  • The japanese name of Cecille's and Saki's Synergy (Yuri Rondo) as well as their CG picture brought about the thoughts of a yuri relationship (lesbian relationship) between the two into some corners of the fandom.