The Book of Goone is a book found in the original Luminous Arc game.

This book is found in Adwest and is the third and bottom book available for viewing at the library. The Book of Goone is a prophecy and part of the theology of the Luminous Church. Whereas the Book Of Mena is the Luminous Church's version of the world's beginning the Book of Goone is it's vision of the future.

Description Edit

It reveals what the Luminous Church and it's followers believe will eventually come to pass, that the world will descend into darkness and the God will return to redeem the world and bring on a new peaceful era.

Actual Text Edit

(The following is the actual text that can be read in-game when the player selects the Book Of Mena to read in Adwest)

Alph: The Book of Goone is the prophecy that foretells the future of the world.

Book of Goone: A millennium after the disaster of Aldheld... The land will quake, the skies will shake, and the seas will break in fear. The world will descend into darkness once again. At this time, God will descend once more to expunge the darkness from the world with His Light, and the prayers of the enlightened will sing out. The people of the world will live in peace, bathed in God's holy Light.

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