La2 sadie

Sadie, the last member of the Winged One.

Winged One are one of the Demi-human species in Luminous Arc 2:Will. They're species that has high magical abilities and long lifespans and possessed a pair of wing on their back. The Winged One were treated harshly by human that they mostly don't associate with them anymore, eventually they become extinct and only Sadie is the sole living member of this race. Winged One are also captable of becoming Witches and Wizards thank to their naturality in this subject.


  • Sadie has the highest raw magic stat in the game which is probably a reference to the Winged One high magical power.
  • It is implied that the reason that Sadie is the only witch to survie after sealed Mattias 15 years ago is because of her natural magic power and strength of the Winged One.

See AlsoEdit

  • Sadie the Breeze Witch, the last member of the Winged One.

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