Unity Rings were introduced in Luminous Arc 2. Only Elemental Witches have Unity Rings. Each Unity Ring looks different based on which Element they are of.

  • Ember Ring features a red ruby and what appears to be phoenix wings.
  • Tide Ring features an aquamarine and a tidal wave.
  • Verdure Ring features a topaz, a heart, and what appears to be a flower.
  • Breeze Ring features an emerald and large pair of wings.
  • Brilliant Ring features a citrin and a design that mimics radiating light.
  • Shadow Frost Ring features an amethyst and a butterfly.


Unity rings are worn on an Elemental Witch's finger and allow an Elemental Witch to engage with a Rune knight or unite with a Master.


  • Althea wore a Unity Ring before she was an Elemental Witch, as 15 years before the happenings of Luminous Arc 2, the previous Ember Witch died and there was no one to fill the position of Ember Witch and Althea was the one who is most skilled in Fire Magic, so, it is thought that Dia used her authority as leader of the Magic Association to give her the Unity Ring of Fire.

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