A conrupted Violet Lapistier.

A Lapistier with an incomparable brightness and rarity, rivaling only the Twin Lapistiers. While normally blue, it can also shines violet light like its namesake. The wielder is often be honored by people. "

Violet Lapistier (紫雲のラピス) is a Lapistier that appears in Luminous Arc 3. that is wielded by Glen.  It's one of the two rarest types of Lapistier, the other is Twin Lapistiers. It's wielded by Glen who was conrupted by the power of Tenes Lapistier thanks to Valerie 's treachery. The Lapistier is purified once more with Levi's power of Avura Ru if the player chose to defeat Valerie first in chapter 23. 

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