Vipers are some of the more dangerous enemies in the Luminous Arc series. They can cast powerful magic spells of all elements. They resemble women with snakes for hair and tails.


Felicia LamiaEdit

Felicia Lamia (フェリシア・ラミア) is one of the early spellcaster type monster that you will encounter. They has access to Dark Ball which deals moderate dark damage to one target, although they will be more likely to use Cold Kiss to freeze you and kill you with their physical attack instead. So don't let them act when they are close to you, prioritize in killing them in one turn before they can cast spells.
Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Slash with sword 1 0
Learned Dark Ball A ball of darkness 1 14
Learned Cold Kiss Freeze the target 1 18

Nefiria ScyllaEdit

Nefiria Scylla (ネフィリア・スキュラ) is the strongest monsters in the Viper line. They are capable of casting Night Scream, a middleline dark magic spell and wreak havoc with their high-accuracy Cold Kiss spell, which inflicts freeze status and allows them or their allies to easily kill you in one hit. Prioritize in killing them in one turn.

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