The Wahl Plains is a location in the original Luminous Arc game. Wahl Plains is a Battle Location, an area located between plot important locations where non-plot related battles can take place.

Geography Edit

The Wahl Plains are located south-west of Holy Congress, Eastern Branch and to the east of Eurus Way.

Layout Edit

The deployment area for this is on the lower-right side, on the upper-left side is a small hill (not as large a hill as the one on the Mountain Path, however) that can only be scaled on either side. Monsters deploy on the top of the hill and on the two scalable sides. This map includes about six total monsters, including: Minnopi, Roosters, and Triheads.

The only truly notable feature of this map is the hill that dominates the upper-right have and which is only accessible on either side. Players can either send units up both sides, flood one side, or wait at the base of the hill for the monsters to reach the deployment area.

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