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Luminous Arc 3EYES

Ok here i'm gonna start the walkthrough

they arent many but i hope it is helpful for who those are new in L.A3EYES

Chapter 1

Victory:Defeat all enemy

they aren't many just 3 of them

defeat them is easy BUT! if u have those HP Potion make sure u don't use it cuz u need it after this(there will be chain battle with Glen)

After defeating them Glen appear and will fight you his HP is not that much but u must know Refi is not a high attacker in first so defeating Glen will be a pain abit and u need HP potion to heal.

Chapter 2

Victory:Defeat all enemy

there will be around 5 enemy u must defeat them to obtain victory

Defeating them isn't not hard but still u need to heal urself Refi defence aren't that stable yet if u don't have HP potion use Eruru to heal u make sure she don't die at there.

To be continue

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