Water is an element in the Luminous Arc series. Mel and Luna are the Elemental Witches of water; with Mel being the Elemental Witch of water in Luminous Arc and Luna the Elemental Witch of water in Luminous Arc 2.

In the Luminous Arc series, water spells are quite similiar in damage, being mostly meant as support magic. The kind of attack that water spells do, however is radically different. Mel uses water both to damage the enemy by letting a lot of it rain down on them or freeze it and use the ice to smash them(a feature given to Shadow Frost Magic later on), while Luna in Luminous Arc 2 uses only the former. On a side note, water is the only element that kept its healing capabilities from the first game, while Light and Dark both lost their healing spells.

There is also a type of Kopins called Water Kopins, which specialize on healing other teammates and can deal devastating damage with Kopin Flood.

in the luminous arc series, water gets to keep their healing powers forever which makes water elemental users very helpful in healing.

List of Water Elemental spellsEdit

Aqua Hammer

Aqua Squall


Ice Crush


Kopin Flood

Wave Sphere

Purifing Water

Aqua Cutter


Water Breath

List of Water Elemental Flash DrivesEdit

  • RainFall
  • Aqua Strike
  • Icicle drop
  • Cold Justice
  • Aqua Melody
  • Bubble Cantre
  • Siren Song
  • Soul Slayer
  • Rune Mist
  • Rune Knight Mist

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