Waterwalk Unit
are character who possesed an ability to travel over water. Most Waterwalk characters are water attribute except Smirsaff who is wind. Waterwalk can also be considered a less powerful version of Skywalk but still helpful. Note that this is ability can only be used on water panel and not lava panel.

Landwalk Unit can achieved similar effect with the help of Bouyant Lapis.

List of character who are Waterwalk UnitEdit

  • Ellewaterwalk

    Elle utilizing Waterwalk ability

    Mel - the Torrent Witch
  • Pollon - the magic knight
  • Luna - the Tide Witch
  • Elle - the Siren Magi
  • Lyra - the Taoist Magi
  • Smirsaff - the Arche of Wind and a Qilin

List of enemy who are Waterwalk UnitEdit

See alsoEdit

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