West Iiyella Volcano is a location in the original Luminous Arc. West Iiyella Volcano is a Battle Location, an area on the world map between plot important locations where non-plot battles can take place.

Geography Edit

West Iiyella Volcano is located north-east of the Witch Village and south-west of the Iiyella Volcano. The area is essentially the western side of the relatively active volcano and is part of the path up the volcano from the Witch Village.

Layout Edit

The battle map consists of a generally flat area with a slight incline upwards from the lower-right to the upper-left. The most noteworthy aspect of the map are the large pools or lava that take up large sections of the map and limit the fighting space. The only player-controlled unit capable of moving across these spaces is Vivi.

The deployment area for this map is to the lower-right. The enemy monsters deploy throughout the middle of the map and the upper-left. Among the enemy monsters on this map are: Fire Glms, Red Snakes, Galbandons, and Fire Goblins.

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