Fatima, wielding an ice whip

Whip is a weapon that is used by Fatima in Luminous Arc 2 and later Inaluna in Luminous Arc 3. There are two types of whip, the ice whip that is used by Fatima which is made of ice and the fanwhip that resemble a slave whip that can also function as a fan used by Inaluna. Both of these whip also geared toward different stats with the former toward power and the latter toward magic and accuracy.


Luminous Arc 2Edit


In Luminous Arc 3 whip is used by Fatima as her weapon of choice. Whip grants Fatima high attack and magic stat. Void Whip also grants her some extra MP. Whip attack range is 2 panels from Fatima in any direction, and allows her to deal physical damage in addition to magical one.

Name Stat(s) Obtain (s) Prices
Frost Whip ATK+30 MAG+39 Intial equipment -
Kurbash ATK+40 MAG+48 Castle Plaza 3,150 Rico
Queen Whip ATK+52 MAG+59 Castle Plaza 4,800 Rico
Hades Whip ATK+59 MAG+65 Chapter 28(Extingushed Flame),Quest -
Void Whip ATK+80 MAG+80 MP+20 Hemill Ruin 10,000 Rico

Luminous Arc 3Edit

In Luminous Arc 3 whip is Inaluna weapon of choice. Whip grants Inaluna reasonable attack stat, great magic stat and some accuracy that allow her to be also a good frontline fighter.

All whips are light-elemental except Fraxinus Whip which is earth and Ocean Whip which is water. Whip attack range is two panel from Inaluna in any direction.

Name Stat(s) Obtain (s) Prices
Leather Whip ATK+6 MAG+9 TEC+3 Intial, Shop(Chapter 5) 1,500 Rico
Spike Whip ATK+9 MAG+14 TEC+4 Workshop 2,200 Rico
Princess Tail ATK+10 MAG+18 TEC+5 Workshop 2,700 Rico
Harisen Tail ATK+12 MAG+24 TEC+5 Workshop - Use Spike Whip in 5 battles. 3,300 Rico
Fraxinus Whip ATK+14 MAG+30 TEC+5 Workshop 4,000 Rico
Queen Tail ATK+16 MAG+37 TEC+8 Workshop - Use Princess Tail in 5 battles. 4,900 Rico
Diamond Whip ATK+20 MAG+40 TEC+10 Workshop 5,600 Rico
Adamant Tail ATK+22 MAG+50 TEC+10 Workshop - Use Diamond Whip in 4 battles. 6,600 Rico
Ocean Whip ATK+25 MAG+58 TEC+10 Workshop 7,500 Rico
Glepnir ATK+28 MAG+62 TEC+10 Workshop 8,000 Rico
Lightning Whip ATK+31 MAG+66 TEC+15 Workshop 9,000 Rico
Golden Whip ATK+35 MAG+72 TEC+22 Workshop - Use Lightning Whip in 8 battles. 10,400 Rico

In the battle at Shadow Frost Spa, Fatima also equip whip as weapon of choice. Her whip range is change into ">" shape in front of her in any direction.

Name Stat(s) Obtain (s) Prices
Void Whip ATK+80 Mag+80 MP+99 Unobtainable N/A

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