Wind is an element in the Luminous Arc series. Vivi and Sadie are the Elemental Witches of wind, with Vivi being the Elemental Witch of wind in Luminous Arc and Sadie being the Elemental Witch of wind in Luminous Arc 2. Both Vivi and Sadie fly; Vivi flies using a flying carpet and Sadie has wings and is the last Winged One.

Wind spells are basically the same. For example, Vivi has Tornado as her last spell and Sadie has Aero Twister; which are both spells using tornados.

There is a type of Kopins called Wind Kopins which specialize in ranged attacks and have very high speed, giving physical attackers a hard time to kill them.

List of Wind Elemental TechniquesEdit

  • Sonar Passion
  • Snipe Shot
  • Poison Fang
  • Triple Missiles
  • Pierce Strike

List of Wind Elemental SpellsEdit

List of Elemental Wind Flash DrivesEdit

  • Duke Snipe
  • Lamp Bazooka
  • Flow Shot
  • Heavenly Wings Serenade
  • Rokit Loncha
  • Rain Bless
  • Amor Storm
  • Virtue Ray
  • Rune Knight Gust


  • Every single wind element can fly expect for Dhino.
  • All wind elemental females are all calm.

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