Vital statistics
First Appearance Luminous Arc 3EYES (Chapter 10)
Gender Male
Age 12
Height 146cm
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element Dark
Class Grimore
Weapon Tablet and Darts
Voice Actor
Eri Kitamura
Voice Actor


Yu is a Magical Detective and the youngest Magi. A boy who believes that all mystery can be solved. Also, he usually acts like adult.

He appears in Chapter 9, where Ashley's followers surround him. As Refi gets scolded by Ashley with Sion, Yuu recognises Refi, much to his surprise. Elulu then says that he's the child prodigy that the principal asked.


In Yuu's ending, he's a detective who's trying to find the culprit to a crime. Refi is his subordinate, who tells Yuu to find, that he needs to go to a nunnery. Yuu has to crossdress to enter, whil Refi laughs at him, saying how it fits him perfectly, and he's the only one who can do it.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Yu has the highest magic stat out of all playable characters and mainly uses dark offensive magic. He has a move and jump of 3.  He mainly uses AOE, and doesn't have any buffing spells

Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Dark Ball A ball of darkness 1 12
Learned Protect Break DEF and RES -30 1 18
15 Night Scream A scream of Nightmare! 1-5 40
25 Night Drain Drain 50% HP of damage 1 34
35 Dark Sphere Gaint Sphere of Darkness 1-13 96

Flash Drives

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FP Cost
Learned Skull Gaze A gaze of demise! 1 1
20 Giant Stomp Powerful attack! 1 2
30 Evil Hand A doomed swipe! 1 3